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MATLAB® Support for MCC Products

Software Environment for Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Application Development

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MATLAB® Support for MCC Products

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Key Highlights

Supported by MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox™ for many MCC products

Communicate with data acquisition hardware and measure data to be streamed live

Data collected using the test and measurement tools can be imported directly into the MATLAB workspace for fast and accurate data analysis, data manipulation, and pre- and post-processing

Visit for more information on MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox support

MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox support (32-bit support only, 64-bit MATLAB (ver. R2016) available soon. Contact The Mathworks for more information)

Watch our Analog Input Application Video.
The Analog Input video script and sample code can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Watch our Analog Output Application Video.
The Analog Output video script and sample code can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Visit for a complete listing of supported MCC products.

Supported MCC USB Hardware
USB-201* USB-1602HS USB-1616HS-2 USB-3110
USB-204* USB-1602HS-2AO USB-1616HS-4 USB-3112
USB-1024HLS USB-1604HS USB-1616HS-BNC USB-3114
USB-1024LS USB-1604HS-2AO USB-2523 USB-DIO24/37
USB-1096HFS USB-1608FS USB-2527 USB-DIO24H/37
USB-1208FS USB-1608FS-Plus USB-2533 USB-DIO96H
USB-1208FS-Plus USB-1608G USB-2537 USB-DIO96H/50
USB-1208HS USB-1608GX USB-3101 USB-ERB08
USB-1208HS-2AO USB-1608GX-2AO USB-3102 USB-ERB24
USB-1208LS USB-1608HS-2AO USB-3104 USB-PDISO8/40
USB-1408FS USB-1616FS USB-3105 USB-SSR08
USB-1408FS-Plus USB-1616HS USB-3106 USB-SSR24

Supported MCC PCI & PCIe Hardware
PCI-DAC04/16-HS PCI-DAS6025 PCI-DAS6402/12 PCI-INT32
PCI-DAC6702 PCI-DAS6030 PCI-DAS6402/16 PCIM-DAS1602/16
PCI-DAS1002 PCI-DAS6036 PCI-DDA04/16 PCI-2511
PCI-DAS1200 PCI-DAS6040 PCI-DDA08/12 PCI-2513
PCI-DAS1200JR PCI-DAS6052 PCI-DDA08/16 PCI-2515
PCI-DAS1602/12 PCI-DAS6071 PCI-DIO24H PCIe-DAS1602/16
PCI-DAS4020/12 PCI-DAS64/M2/16 PCI-DIO48H/CTR15  
PCI-DAS6013 PCI-DAS64/M2/16/JR PCI-DIO96  

* Knowledge Base article available online.

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MATLAB® Support for MCC Products MATLAB is a software environment for data acquisition, data analysis, and application development. Visit for more information on MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox support.

Product Reviews

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Product Q & A

Matlab interface example

I could not find any example for usb 1608 FS to interface with matlab? The provided video seems not right when I input command "analoginput('mcc',0)", the matlab does not recognize the DAQ device. Could you make some tutorials or some source to share with us on how to write DAQ interface using matlab with measurement compution devices? Thanks

Job Title: Research Engineer

2 months ago

Bigfish546 Cleveland, OH

The video is valid for the USB-1608FS as well. First, make sure the USB-1608FS is assigned board # 0 in InstaCal. Do not have InstaCal and MATLAB open at the same time. Also make sure you have 32-bit MATLAB (not 64-bit, as it will have a new driver from The Mathworks sometime next year). You will also need to install MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox.

2 months ago

Measurement Computing

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When will MCC have drivers to support Matlab 64-bit?

Given that Matlab is now 64-bit only, we need 64-bit MCC drivers to be compatible with 64-bit Matlab. Is this in the works? Do you have an ETA? Thanks,

Job Title: Sys Admin
Industry: Education

10 months ago

Matthew PA

The Mathworks is actively developing 64-bit drivers to support MCC products in Matlab version R2016. For more information, or to request support for a specific device please contact the Mathworks at

10 months ago

Measurement Computing

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Can I use mccdaq as a DC current source?

i have the usb 3106 device. I'm trying to use the analog outputs of the device as a current source. Most tutorials online show the generation of waveforms. I'd like to know if i can generate a DC current output similar to the test function on instacal but for application purposes

Job Title: technician
Industry: electronics
Application: testing ADCs

11 months ago

tom546 new york

Yes, you can generate a 0-20 mA current output using your USB-3106 for application purposes. First you must set your output range from within InstaCal. You then have to set up the compliance voltage circuit needed to create a 0-20mA signal (see page 16 of the User’s manual). Once this has been done you have a couple of options for controlling your USB-3106. You can use TracerDAQ PRO, DASYLab, ULx for LabVIEW or our Universal Library for .NET.

11 months ago

Measurement Computing

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How to Install 1408FS for Matlab 2014a

Hi, I have a 1408FS device that I am trying to use with Matlab 2014a (64 bit on Win 7). I had installed all the drivers from the CD provided and checked for the hardware in Instacal. It shows and works fine. But when I do a daq.Getdevices in Matlab it s

28 months ago


The driver for MATLAB is written and maintained by the folks at The Mathworks. They have yet to add support for 64-bit MATLAB, per the following note on their website: Note: You must use the Legacy interface and the 32-bit version of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB to use Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware. The 32-bit versions of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB can be installed on a 64-bit Windows OS.

28 months ago


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programming USB-3106 for current output

Hi. I want to control current and use full-16bit resolution using MATLAB. In InstaCal, I can change D/A range to 0-20mA so that I can control current. And also, I can give a value of 0 to 65535 so that I can use 16 bit resolution for control output. But i

Job Title: Researcher
Industry: space dynamics
Application: Satellite

29 months ago

EunJi South Korea

Hello - The range for each channel on the USB-3100 Series is indeed set in InstaCal. At our library level, values of 0 to 65535 are accepted, with 0 corresponding to minus full scale, and 65535 corresponding to plus full scale. Since you report that MATLAB is assuming the output range is a voltage, then you should be able to send out fractional voltages. You should be able to achieve the desired “current” resolution by requesting to output a voltage with enough significant digits to the right of the decimal point. Four places to the right of the decimal point, i.e. 0.0001 volts, will be more than enough.

29 months ago


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The version of matlab for PMD-1608FS

I want to acquire signal with PMD-1608FS under matlab enviornment. what version of matlab at least is available for PMD-1608FS? Thanks.

33 months ago


The MathWorks added support for the USB-1608FS, and its previous name (PMD-1608FS), many years ago. There is a list on The MathWorks’ website which details the version needed (of their DAQ Toolbox) for each supported DAQ model. For USB-1608FS, they list R14SP3+ (version 2.8). For PMD-1608FS, they list R14 (version 2.5).

33 months ago


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Problem with data acquisition with mcc (usb-1208FS-Plus) in Matlab

Hello, Why, when i try to use data acquisition with mcc (usb-1208FS-Plus) with Data Acquisition Toolbox with Matlab i have this message as answer : Warning: Board not found in mwmcc.ini file. Board is not supported but may work. When my command is daq.get

Job Title: Research Engineer
Industry: Research
Application: Data acquisition

35 months ago

alquier IMFT Toulouse

Hello Alquier - The Mathworks added official support for the USB-1208FS-PLUS in their R2013b release. Advice from The Mathworks on how to use it in an earlier version is posted here:

35 months ago


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question the update spped of usb-3101

Since i want to control the voltage of output analog channel by matlab program through USB in real time, may i know the response time and update speed from matlab program to the analog channel?? is it the update speed equal the 100KS/s?? how long do the

Job Title: engineer
Industry: electronic
Application: contorl system

41 months ago

freeman hk

Hi Freeman - Be sure not to confuse the USB-3101FS with the USB-3101, since they are quite different. The USB-3101 hardware can only be updated at a rate of 100 Hz divided by the number of channels used. MATLAB likely can keep right up with this slow rate. The 100 KHz USB-3101FS model is not supported by the Mathwork’s DAQ Toolbox for MATLAB.

41 months ago


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programming USB-1208FS in MATLAB to read the analog input and the analog output

how can i read the analog input from USB-1208FS in MATLAB and and run some process by using analog output and how i can using the digital input/out put by using data acquisition toolbox in matlab2008b thank you

44 months ago

riyAD Palestinian Territories

Hello riyAD - If the board is listed properly in InstaCal, then you should contact The Mathworks for support of MATLAB and their Data Acquisition Toolbox.

44 months ago


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MATLAB® is a software environment for data acquisition, data analysis, and application development. MATLAB supports the data acquisition and analysis process along with interfacing with data acquisition devices and instruments, analyzing and visualizing the data. It also produces presentation-quality reports to share results with others.

MATLAB supports MCC hardware by using the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox™. The Data Acquisition Toolbox enables MATLAB to control and acquire data from data acquisition equipment and allows measured data to be streamed and analyzed live into MATLAB. The data collected using test and measurement tools can be brought directly into the MATLAB workspace for fast and accurate data analysis, data manipulation, and pre- and post-processing.

Analysis on collected data is easy to perform with MATLAB, the Data Acquisition Toolbox and their built-in analysis functions. Some of these include peak, valley and zero finding, Fourier analysis, smoothing, interpolating, and extracting sections of data.