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WiFi Sensor Software

Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Software for WiFi-500 Sensor Series

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WiFi Sensor Software

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Key Highlights

WiFi Sensor Software available as a free download

Set up multiple devices for PC-based or Cloud-based data storage with easy-to-use software interface

Software-selectable sample rate, data transmission rate, temperature units, high/low alarms, and device audit check

Instant email alerts of alarms, power, battery charge, and network connection events (Cloud only)

View and analyze logged data immediately in graph or tabular format from multiple sensors

Export logged data for immediate graphing in Microsoft® Excel®

Audible software temperature/humidity alarm feature (PC only)

Download data over USB when WiFi connection is not available

Supports Windows® 10/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Cloud-Only Features

Supports all operating systems and web-enabled devices – smart phones, tablets, and desktops/laptops

Instant email alerts of alarms, power, battery, and network connection events

Audit trail export to document device changes*

Multiple user access*

Individual time zones per user*

Graph printing*

Unlimited data storage*

Unlimited devices*

* Feature availability depends on type of Cloud account being used. Refer to Cloud Account Types and Supported Features
in the data sheet and for a comparison of Cloud accounts.

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WiFi Sensor Software Easy-to-use temperature and humidity data logging software for WiFi-500 sensors

Product Reviews

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Product Q & A

Pls. advise if the link to Excel use DDE , More how many Sensors can be scanned .

Job Title: Manager
Industry: Measurement and Control
Application: Monitoring

45 months ago

Marcel Israel

The Excel export was developed by a third party, and details of its operations are not available. The number of loggers supported will depend on the capacity of the router the loggers are connected to. A mid-range quality router is able to accommodate approximately 70 loggers before seeing dropouts.

45 months ago


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The WiFi Sensor Software for use with WiFi-500 Sensor Series devices is available as a free download. This easy-to-use software application allows users to set up a WiFi connection, set the sample rate and WiFi data transmission rate, and set alarms and temperature scale.

Support for Multiple Devices
Multiple devices can be set up for storing data on either a PC or on the Cloud.

The maximum number of devices supported for PC data stored depends on the capabilities of the PC.

The maximum number of devices supported for Cloud data storage depends on the type of Cloud account being used.

Sampling and Transmission Rates
Use the WiFi Sensor Software to configure a device with sample rates ranging from 10 seconds to 12 hours, depending on the application and length of data collection needed. The sample rate controls the rate at which data is acquired and stored on the sensor.

Users can also set how often the sensor transmits data to the host computer. Transmission rates range from every one minute to every 24 hours.

The sample rate and transmission rate settings work together to determine how often data is transmitted to the host PC or Cloud account. For example, if the sample transmission frequency is set to 1 minute and the sample rate is set to 10 seconds, the sensor transmits six samples to the computer every minute (60 seconds ÷ 10 seconds = 6 samples).

Viewing Sensor Settings and Readings
Users can select from among all WiFi-500 Sensor Series devices that were configured on the same computer or Cloud account and perform the following operations over WiFi:

view logged data in graph or tabular format

export logged data to .csv or .pdf

export graph to .jpg or .pdf

export data and graph to Excel® (PC interface only)

change sensor settings

display sensor properties

delete sensor readings

reset sensor alarm state

mute audible software alarm (PC interface only)

delete a sensor from the WiFi software/network

download data over USB if WiFi connection is not available

On the Cloud, users can also perform the following operations:

set up email alerts for alarms, AC power outage, low battery charge, loss of network connection, and other device-specific problems

display and export an audit trail to provide a documentary record of changes (depends on type of Cloud account)

print a graph

Graphs on both the PC and Cloud interface display the following data:

temperature samples

relative humidity samples

high and low temperature alarm settings

high and low relative humidity alarm settings

The PC interface graph also displays dew point.

Once a graph is displayed, users can zoom in and out to view select data segments. Whole data log sessions or segments of a session can be saved to comma-delimited text file (.txt). Data and graph can also be exported for immediate display in Microsoft® Excel®.