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USB Counter / Timer Solutions

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Measurement Computing USB counter/timer devices include up to 8 counter input channels. Event counting, PWM, frequency, and quadrature encoder inputs are also offered. USB devices include software and drivers for C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, and DASYLab.

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USB-CTR Series - High-Speed Counter/Timer Devices with Digital I/O

High-speed pulse counter for general counting applications

Available with 8 or 4 counter I/O

Programmable resolution up to 64-bits

Aggregate scan rate of 8 MB

8 digital I/O

External clock input and internal clock output

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USB-QUAD08 - 8-Channel Quadrature Encoder Device

8 encoder inputs

10 MHz counters, ±12 V

8 digital I/O

2 timer outputs